Old and... by Phil

This year marks a milestone for Pam and I - we both hit the half century mark.  Yup, we're 50.  In fact, Pam is already there and I'll join her next month.  Pam received her AARP card and promptly threw it in the trash.  (I haven't gotten mine yet, but I'll take any discount I can get!)  My how time flies. It seems like overnight you go from Gatorade and Speedos to Metamucile and Depends.

I thought I'd look to the Bible for some comfort, but that didn't help at all.  When I looked up old people, I found that God didn't just call them "old," He called them "old and advanced in years."  Talk about adding insult to injury!  In fact, take a look at poor Joshua - "Now Joshua was old and advanced in years; and the LORD said to him, “You are old and advanced in years..." - Joshua 13:1.  Wow Lord, rub it in why don't ya?

But reading a little farther, I found some comfort after all.  You see, when God called people "old and advanced in years," that usually meant He had some great work ahead for them.  I'm clinging to that promise!  Pam and I may be getting old and advanced in years, but I still believe God will use us in a big way.  As I like to say, "we're not dead, so God's not done!"

Of course, for Abraham and Sarah and Zechariah and Elizabeth, their "old and advanced" announcement meant they were going to have a baby.  We're not even going there...

Stilll walking with Jesus - just downhill,
Phil and Pam

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