Howdy Neighbor! by Phil

There are two words that strike fear in the hearts of suburbanites everywhere - Homeowners Association. It's a noble idea to keep neighborhoods visually appealing and neighbors acting neighborly, but unfortunately it is a group of people that often have little in common except the geographic location of their homes.  You've probably heard horror stories from HOAs (seems like it should be HA, but that sounds like laughter and homeowners associations are usually far from funny) where the arguments get downright ugly. But did you know this was predicted in the Bible?  In Isaiah's prophesy he declares that in future days...

People will oppress each other - man against man, neighbor against neighbor.
- Isaiah 3:5a NLT

Our neighborhood consists of one street with 20 houses, so our HOA is pretty low key.  We meet once a year to determine that not much has happened over the past year and to choose officers for the next year. This is usually the longest part of the meeting, because even though there is not much for an officer to do, nobody wants to volunteer to do it.  I think I may have found the answer in the next verse of Isaiah.  At our next meeting when nomination time comes around, I'm going to turn to whoever is sitting next to me and say...

"Since you have a coat, you be our leader! Take charge of this heap of ruins!"
- Isaiah 3:6b NLT

Come to think of it, that might work for church board meetings as well!

I think I'm on to something here...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
Phil and Pam

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