We've had several requests to share this info again, so here you go!  Merry Christmas.


This time of year, everywhere you turn is another pudgy, cheerful Santa Claus.  But are these really accurate depictions of ol' St. Nick?  Who was this red-suited purveyor of holiday pleasure?  Probably not who you think.

St. Nicholas was a fourth-century saint and Bishop of Myra (in modern-day Turkey).  He had the reputation for giving secret gifts to the poor and needy, often by leaving them inside shoes, hence our current tradition of hanging stockings for Santa to fill.

Unlike our modern secularized version, the original St. Nick was a strong Christian.  He was invited by Constantine to the First Council of Nicaea, where he was one of the bishops who signed the Nicene Creed.  Also at the council was a presbyter from Egypt named Arius who taught that Jesus wasn't really God.  Some stories say this made Nicholas so mad that he punched out Arius right there on the floor of the council.  Talk about "You better watch out, you better not cry..."

Our modern society can try to take Christ out of Christmas, but they better not tell that to Santa Claus.  He might just knock their block off!

Santa may bring you a present, but there's no future without Jesus!
Phil and Pam

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