A Baby Changes Everything by Phil

The last couple months we have been totally engrossed in creating our new Christmas album.  As much as we love traditional Christmas music, it seems everybody's recordings have the same group of songs. We wanted to do something fresh and new, and since I had already written a few Christmas tunes, why not write a whole album? Besides, I'm always up for a challenge!  I get a lot of questions about song writing, so I thought you might enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek at the birth of one of the new songs on the album.

Our original thought was for Pam to record an upbeat song called "To All He Brings," written by three buddies of mine.  I emailed their publisher but got no response.  So I decided to write my own.  Conveniently, I already had an appointment scheduled with my frequent collaborator, Helga Kaefer.  I told her I'd like to write a catchy tune for Pam and was wondering about the title "A Baby Changes Everything."  (Normally at this point we would have Google searched and discovered that Faith Hill had recorded a song with that title several years ago. But I'm glad we didn't because I really like what we came up with and it is nothing like Faith's song.)  We tossed out ideas and decided to write from a shepherd's perspective and parallel that to our own.  About two hours later we had a finished song that goes like this...

Nothing ever changes,
In sleepy Bethlehem.
I spend all night on this hillside
Watching the sheep and counting the lambs

Then a light shone down from heaven
And I heard the angels sing,
“Glory in the highest,
All hail the newborn King”

He’s Messiah in a manger
He’s a Savior on the straw,
He’s the promise of the prophets
He’s the little Lord of all
You know something’s bound to happen
When you hear angels sing
Cause a Baby, changes everything. 

Nothing ever changes
In my life it seemed
I spent all night feeling uptight,
Counting sheep and chasing dreams. 

Then a bright light straight from heaven
Pierced the darkness of my soul.       
And now I sing because my King
Was born so long ago. 


Hosanna in the highest
All things are made new
Emmanuel is with us
It’s amazing what a child can do 


- A Baby Changes Everything, words and music by Phil Morgan and Helga Kaefer,
© 2018 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI / Ketone Songs, ASCAP

Three days later we shared our new song at a Christmas tour rehearsal and sent my work tape to Philip Hare to make an accompaniment track for us.  He did an amazing job capturing the fun feel I was going for, which he called "Motown goes to Jerusalem."  It is already part of our Christmas lineup for this year and has a prominent place on our new "Christmas With You" album - all in less than two months!

Not every song comes together that quickly and some take years or never find a home on a recording. I have a feeling we're going to be singing this one for many seasons to come.  And who knows, when other artists hear it, our little tune might just find a home on their Christmas projects as well.

This is a fun song to sing, but I especially love the message.  Part of the wonder of Christmas is how Jesus came in a most unexpected way.  He is Messiah... in a manger?  He is our Savior... on the straw?  Not at all the way we would imagine the birth of a King.  

But like we said, this Baby changed everything!

Praise the Lord, Emmanuel has come,
Phil and Pam

PS. Hope to see you this weekend on our Christmas Memories tour!

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