JUST FOR FUN - Slooowwww... by Phil

In our modern world of "super-speed" this and "instant" that, I think God is trying to teach me patience.

Over the past couple of years, our refrigerator and dishwasher both gave up the ghost. We replaced them with mid-level models, not the most expensive but by no means cheap. Our new fridge has all kinds of features including an in-the-door ice maker that makes about six cubes a day. There is even a "turbo-ice" mode for when you have company that ups the daily output to about 12 cubes.

Our new dishwasher has 15 ways to get the dishes clean, but the quickest "speed wash" cycle takes 3 hours and 23 minutes. When I was starting it last night I thought, "I wonder if Jesus will come back before our dishes are done."

If He does, I hope He doesn’t want a cold drink.

Greetings from the slow lane,
Phil and Pam

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