Phil & Pam Morgan

I would like a prayer request for me and I usually never ask for me. On June 23rd i will be undergoing a double mastectomy. Right now it is in a carcinoma stage and not cancer stage. I am asking prayers for the surgical team headed by Dr. John Shook. I had my first mamogram back in October and that is when something showed up. I have been diagnosed with ductal and lobular carcinoma. Thank-you and yes you may put my name on a prayer chain.

Rhonda Owen

Phil & Pam Morgan responded on 06/06/2014

Hi Rhonda, We will certainly lift you and the doctors up in prayer. May God guide all the physicians hands and then bring healing with the touch of His hand. He is the Great Physician!!! Blessings, patience and peace as you go thru this trial. - Phil & Pam

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