Phil & Pam Morgan

We read on your schedule that you were going to be in Garner, Iowa last Sunday. We've had it on our calendar for several weeks. We even checked your schedule the night before. However, there was no one at the church when we got there shortly before 1. Did I miss an announcement that your plans had changed or what happened? We were very disappointed after planning on this event for a while.

Phil & Pam Morgan responded on 05/29/2018

Hi Donna, We are soooo sorry. The church decided that an afternoon concert wasn't a good idea and had us do more of the morning service. We didn't find out until we were up there and weren't able to update the calendar from the road. We're working on fixing that so we can send out updates while not at our office. We do greatly apologize for the miscommunication and hope you'll come see us when we are in the area again. In the meantime, email us at with your address and we'll send you some music to tide you over. Blessings, Phil & Pam

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